︎The Won Wool Project / the sheep was worth a shave 
turning deadstock yarn into unique accessories (ongoing project)

With a long career in fashion, Catharina is highly alert to the issues of waste and over-production.
Today, she’s ‘winning back’ wool from the textile industry and transforming it into innovative and stylish accessories.
The majority of materials are surplus to requirements: deadstock designer yarns and wool recuperated from shade cards and post-consumer garments.
Other fibres are gathered from specialised commercial sources, such as factories and mills with high sustainability credentials.

In 2020 the project started with a series of collars. Knitted on a Brother handloom knitting machine in Catharina’s Copenhagen studio,
these eye-catching accessories are meticulously documented.

Now the won wool project continues with new designs, still knitted on her Brother handloom knitting machines (page︎ the sheep was worth a shave

The collars share the same simple graphic form but, rather like samples or test pieces, they are all unique: the results of one-off experiments in colour, pattern and texture. 

Each piece comes with a biodegradable  identification tag (a nod to those worn by sheep) and a record card detailing the provenance of the wool. Currently in production: collars, scarves and hats.

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