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consulting, collection and knitwear design

Catharina Bossaert is a freelance consultant with over thirty-years’ experience in the fashion industry. Having worked in design, production, and brand development for some of Belgium’s best-loved labels, she is a seasoned creative professional who knows the business inside out. Her career trajectory includes Hilde&Co (baby and childrenswear), Aymara (knitwear), Van Hassels (womenswear), Fred & Ginger (childrenswear) and Ginger (womenswear). Passionate about shapes, colours and materials, Catharina excels in translating concepts and ideas into beautifully crafted garments and knitwear. She is also a trained artist and designer with an active studio practice (find details of her work on the Project pages).
Catharina provides dedicated professional and multidisciplinary support to both large and small enterprises. Services include design work, production management, concept development and specialist advice.

circular denim capsule / Ginger x HNST AW19

knitwear design / various seasons

               collection design /Ginger SS20

knitwear design /Ginger AW20

collection design / Ginger AW 17

collection design / Ginger AW20

knitwear design /fred & ginger AW20

knitwear design / fred & ginger S20

knitwear design / hilde & Co baby

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