︎ongoing wun wool project

turning deadstock yarn into unique accessories (ongoing project)

With a long career in fashion, Catharina is highly alert to the issues of waste and over-production.
Today, she’s ‘winning back’ wool from the textile industry and transforming it into innovative and stylish accessories.
The majority of materials are surplus to requirements: deadstock designer yarns and wool recuperated from shade cards and post-consumer garments.
Other fibres are gathered from specialised commercial sources, such as factories and mills with high sustainability credentials.
In 2020 the project started with a series of collars, knitted on a Brother handloom knitting machine in Catharina’s Copenhagen studio.
Now the won wool project continues with new designs, still knitted on her Brother handloom knitting machines.
Here you can find some of them. 

 N°008-22 / sleevescarf

N°010-22 / sleevescarf

N°010-22 / sleevescarf

N°003-22 / sleeve

N°004-22 / sleeve

N°006-22 / sleeve

N°028-23 / sleeve

N°029-23 / sleeve

N°031-23 / sleeve

N°030-23 / tubular scarf

N°032-23 / tubular scarf

N°033-23 / tubular scarf

N°011-22 / pearlscarf
N°012-22 / pearlscarf
N°013-22 / pearlscarf

N°015-22 / balaclava

N°016-22 / balaclava

N°017-22 / balaclava

N°018-22 / balaclava

N°034-23 / balaclava
N°036-23 / cagoule à gogo

N°035-23 / hi hi hey hey
N°037-23 / balaclava

N°023-23 / keep the baby warm

N°002-22 / keep the baby warm

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