︎Playing with shapes (ongoing project)

Inspired by early twentieth-century Danish ceramics, this series of unique hand-built vessels explores the relationship between colour, texture and form.
The pots, vases and boxes, plus corresponding lids and bases, all depart from simple geometric shapes.
The pieces are conceived as individual but combinable elements that – just like building blocks – can be arranged into an infinite array of compositions.

Playfulness is a key theme: certain works can be turned upside down or modified through the addition of lids or plinths.
The varying amounts of Chamotte in the clay, which adds a gritty texture to pottery and sculpture, creates surprising textures and finishes.

Painterly effects and rich tonal contrasts are achieved through the layering of different slips, pigments and glazes.
These variations – between light and dark, rough and smooth, luminosity and opaqueness – lend the works a raw, organic feel.

photography:  Annabelle Stampaert
words: Helen Simpson 

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